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Review Akbild

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna uses Review Akbild for the quality assurance and quality development of its institutes and study programs. The measure makes use of the method of peer review, which is a form of evaluation where external, impartial persons with the required subject- and /or organization-specific knowledge give their feedback. Review Akbild is subdivided into four stages: first, the Institute conducts a self-assessment, publishing a subsequent self-report (Stage 1). Experts from the respective field (Peers) talk to teachers/lecturers and students on site visits (Stage 2). These dialogs, together with the self-report compiled by the Institute, serve as the basis for the Review Report (Stage 3). Finally, measures for improvement are developed and implemented (Stage 4).

Review Akbild aims to achieve several targets which are complementary with regard to their variety of perspectives: on the one hand, the respective institute will be encouraged to intensify internal communication and exchange, reflect their actions, and become more aware of the processes involved. On the other hand, the method of the dialog and the specific questions asked in the on-site discussions provide a useful instrument for visualizing both the development and improvement potentials and the good practice from the Peers’ outside perspective. After all, such an outside view can highlight any “blind spots” in everyday work and studying. Moreover, it will help us to look upon the huge range of activities carried out by the respective institutes – such as teaching, development of the fine arts, arts-based research, internationalization, advancement of women, equal opportunities, and anti-discrimination – integratively.

Completed Projects

  • 2017: Follow-up of the Peer Review at the Institute for Conservation and Restauration – IKR
  • 2016/17: Review Akbild at the Institute for Conservation and Restauration – IKR
  • 2011/12: Peer Review at the Institute for Art and Architecture – IKA
  • 2008/09: Peer Review at the Institute for Fine Arts – IBK (Pilot Project)