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Welcome to Vienna

Welcome Meeting and Welcome Days

We are delighted to welcome you to the International Office! The office is located at Schillerplatz 3, ground floor, room E9, and is open from Monday to Thursday between 9:00 and 12:00. The Welcome Meeting always takes place around March 1 or October 1 – the invitation will be sent by email. During this event, you will meet all exchange students and receive essential information from the International Office and the Exchange Companions (Academy students) for a successful semester start. Furthermore, exchange students can participate in various activities, tours, and day trips (see below). Details will be announced during the Welcome Meeting or can be found in the Student Guide for Exchange Students.

The Welcome Program includes, among others:

  • Welcome Meeting for exchange students
  • Self-organization with AkademieOnline (Academy's study administration portal: course catalog, registration for courses and exams, information systems, email, and web services of the Academy, etc.)
  • Visits to various locations and buildings of the Academy
  • Introduction to the library
  • Visits to the Academy's collections (e.g., painting gallery, glyptothek)
  • City tour of Vienna
  • Walks in the surroundings

... and transitions into a compilation of semester-long activities:

  • A weekly Jour Fixe at the International Office
  • Visits to galleries and off-spaces
  • Joint visits to exhibitions, artistic interventions, performances
  • Day trips
  • Activities related to sustainability, civil engagement, and more.

Classes begin in the first week of the semester. It is expected that exchange students attend the initial meetings of their assigned departments or studios.

Registration of Residence in Vienna

Persons staying in Austria are obligated to register within three days after arriving in Vienna at a district magistrate's office. This requirement also applies to any change of residence.

Individuals with EEA and Swiss citizenship, staying in the federal territory for more than three months (main or secondary residence), must apply for a registration certificate within four months of entry. This is not necessary if you leave within the fourth month of residence.

At the end of the stay, deregistration of residence is mandatory.

Exchange Companions – For Students by Students Exchange

Companions are regular students at the Academy who, together with the International Office, assist exchange students in starting their studies.