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Tuition Fees (Studiengebühren) New

Since summer semester 2013, all Austrian universities charge tuition fees based on an amendment to the Universities Act of 2002.

Please check your study fee status on your Academy-Online-Account.

If you have any questions regarding the actual amount of your tuition fees,  contact

Please note: The students' union fee (ÖH-Beitrag) is not part of the tuition fee and must be paid by all students each semester without exception. If the students' union fee is not paid in full by the end of admission period, the student is deregistered or will not be admitted to studies.

On the following pages you will find information on (1) the exact amounts of the tuition fees, (2) exemptions, (3) waivers, (4) refunds and for (5) non-degree students (außerordentliche Studierende).

Payment of tuition fees

Tuition fees will amount to
363.36 Euro per semester for students from Austria or other EU or EEA member states; students from other countries pay 726.72  Euro per semester. In addition to the respective tuition fees, students are required to pay the students' union fees (ÖH-Beitrag), which includes student insurance. The total amount consisting of tuition fees and students' union fees will appear in students' AkademieOnline business card.

Basically all students of any Austrian university are required to pay tuition fees, with the sole exception of students exempted from payment short- or long-term.


Short-term exemptions:

The following regular students are exempt short-term from paying tuition fees for the designated duration of their bachelor, master or doctoral studies plus an extra two semesters (in the case of a "Diplomstudium" an extra two semesters per study section, i.e. Studienabschnitt):

  1. Austrian citizens,
  2. EU nationals,
  3. EEA citizens,
  4. Swiss nationals,
  5. Recognized refugees according to the Convention (also from other EU states),
  6. Aliens entitled to subsidiary protection,
  7. Third-country nationals who are beneficiaries of one of the following Residence Titles:
    "PermanentResidence - EC" issued by the competent Austrian authority
    "PermanentResidence - EC" issued by the competent authority of another member state plus a Settlement Permit (Niederlassungsbewilligung) for Austria
    "Daueraufenthaltskart " (permanent leave to remain) issued by the competent Austrian authority
  8. Students subject to the Personengruppen-Verordnung (decree of admission for certain groups of persons)
  9. Students with a residence title other than a student's (Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende) are exempt in some cases, in some not, depending on the residence title. Please consult the Registrar's Office to clarify your individual situation.

In case the student takes longer to complete his/her respective studies / study section (Studienabschnitt), as specified above, he/she is to pay study fees of 363.36 Euro per semester.

General Exemption:

Regular students who are nationals of one of the states listed in Annex to article 4 paragraph 2 section 1 Studienbeitragsverordnung 2019 (from summer semester 2020 on) are generally exempt from paying tuition fees.

Students can only be admitted to courses of study, or continue their studies, if they have paid the amount due in full and within the period specified ! Payment in instalments is not possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Registrar's Office at:


For specific reasons, regular students are entitled to apply for a waiver of study fees to the Registrar's Office. This waiver exclusively applies to the tuition fees! The students' union (ÖH) fee must be paid regardless.

The Fee Waiver Application together with the documents required must be submitted to the Registrar's Office by 31st March (summer semester) and respectively by 31st October (winter semester)!

All required documents must be submitted either in their original version or as certified copies (i.e.authenticated by a notary or a court). Documents issued in languages other than German or English must be translated by a court-certified translator and added to the original.

Application Form

Statutory reasons for exemption:

According to Section § 92Subsection 1 Universities Act, the following reasons for tuition fee exemption are recognized:

  1. Illness or pregnancy
    Applies if the student is unable to attend lectures or to continue his/her studies for at least two months due to illness or pregnancy (Proof: Specialist's confirmation);
  2. Childcare
    Applies if the student has main/sole care of children up to age seven (or the child's school entry, respectively) who live in the same household as the student (Proof: Child's birth certificate, Residence RegistrationForms (Meldezettel) of student and child, proving that both live at the same address, statutory declaration by the student confirming that the child is mainly in his/her care);
  3. Disability
    A minimum degree of disability of 50 % (Proof: Disabled Persons Pass (Behindertenpass) issued by the Federal Social Office (Sozialministeriumservice);
  4. Student grant
    If the student receives an Austrian student's grant according to the Advancement of Studies Act (Studienförderungsgesetz) 1992 in the previous or current semester (Proof: Notification by the Studienbeihilfebehörde (federal aid for students)
  5. Mobility programme
    Applies when the student can prove that s/he attended courses of study or practical courses / placements in the course of a transnational, EU, national or university mobility programme (e.g. Erasmus etc.) (Proof: Confirmation by the coordinator responsible, or submission of a letter of confirmation ("Declaration of Attendance").
    NB: After studying abroad, students will have to provide proof of this fact as otherwise they will not be allowed to continue their studies in Austria.
  6. Stay abroad
    Applies when students are required to study abroad by their curriculum (Studienplan) (compulsory or elective subjects, practical courses according to the provisions of the curriculum; Proof: Confirmation by the director of the respective study programme).
  7. Mutual waiver
    Applies if there is an agreement made between the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with the university most recently attended by the respective regular foreign student, containing a mutual waiver of study fees.

! Please note !

If you happen to miss the deadline or are unable to submit the required documents in time, you must pay the prescribed tuition fee in full!! If you fail to do so, you cannot gain admission to nor continue your chosen course of studies!

However, you may submit an application for a tuition fee refund thereafter.


Students must submit their application for tuition fee refund for the winter semester by 31 March, for the summer semester by 30 September to the Registrar's Office (Studien- und Prüfungsabteilung).

Tuition fees are refunded in the following cases:

  1. Tuition fees are paid by the student but one of the waiver reasons starts to apply during the respective semester and the student applies for refund before the end of the admission period.
  2. If more than the amount specified is paid by a student, the excess is refunded.
  3. If tuition fees were paid late, or not paid in full, so that the student did not gain admission (Zulassung).
  4. Tuition fees were paid but the student completed his/her studies before the end of the admission period or dropped out during the semester without taking any exam or submitting any academic paper. If he/she does not enrol at another Austrian university, tuition fees are refunded.

Non-degree students (ausserordentliche Studierende)

Non-degree students are such who attend individual lectures in various academic fields.

Non-degree students who are permitted to attend specific lectures are to pay a tuition fee of 363.36 Euro independent of their respective nationality, beginning with the first semester of their registration at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The total amount consisting of tuition fees and students' union fees will appear in students' AkademieOnline business card