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Media technology | Equipment pool

The Academy of Fine Arts provides an equipment pool (video, audio and photography) with appropriate professional advice to students in the field of study Fine Arts with the codes UR 605 and UR 606 as well as PhD-in-Practice and Master in Critical Studies with the codes UR 094 607 and UR 066 740, which can be used in the context of projects within the degree programme.

Authorization to borrow equipment 

For this purpose, an authorization to borrow equipment from the pool (video, photo) must be obtained. The authorization to borrow photo and video equipment from the Institute of Fine Arts (IBK) is acquired through a corresponding aptitude test. The aim is to determine the extent to which students are familiar with the basic technical standards of the respective field. Questions about video formats, signal paths and cable types, the correct use of lighting equipment, tripods, etc. and general knowledge about equipment maintenance are crucial. It is expressly NOT a question of whether someone is able to produce a "good" or "bad" video or photo (in the technical and/or artistic sense). There are corresponding courses for this. The test is intended to determine whether the necessary experience and knowledge are available to handle the equipment professionally and to ensure a smooth rental process so that the equipment can be made available to all IBK students in good condition in the future. The course Technical Basics Camera, Sound, Light by Caroline Bobek (currently only WS) or the courses Photo and Video 1-3 should enable you to cope with the test without any problems.

Next date: not yet announced (will be sent out to all students at least two weeks in advance via the Academy email distribution list). Registration by email is absolutely necessary: video:, photo:

The test questions will be handed out on site and evaluated immediately afterwards. Those who answer less than 70% of the questions correctly will not be admitted to the rental, but can take part again at the next date.


The admitted students receive a short introduction to lending after the test and/or before the first lending. In addition, there is a lending manifest (lending conditions) which applies equally to students and teachers. This represents the basic structure of the lending service and must be confirmed with a signature after each collection. Reservations should be sent by e-mail to if possible. A list of devices will be provided here. Please always state the ID of the device or the exact name and the desired period of time. Pick-up and return at Gilbert Marx and team.  

For all questions regarding equipment for exhibitions, installations and presentations and other technical support, especially for larger installations and hanging objects, please contact:

Technical diploma support and exhibitions Lehargasse

For diploma theses a personal arrangement and project discussion 4 - 6 weeks in advance is necessary in order to be able to offer appropriate support. Please contact Richard Reisenberger and/or Gilbert Marx and (for larger projects) organize an appointment via email. No binding commitment can be made for short-term requests. For exhibition architecture (mobile walls), please also send all inquiries and information in good time to Richard Reisenberger,

Room reservation MZS:
Mag. Friedemann Derschmidt 

Room reservation study area E11 (ground floor Art and Time | Photography)
Mag. Michael Höpfner

Room reservation study area I11 (1. floor Art and Intervention | Concept):
Maren Grimm

Room reservation study area I12 (1. floor  Art and Time | Video and Media)
Axel Stockburger

For all other locations, please contact the respective supervisor.

Further equipment and infrastructure: 

In addition to the regular equipment rental, the Academy has further equipment that is intended for work within the framework of the Media Laboratory or for more complex projects such as diploma theses. More detailed information on the equipment and on the use of the premises, such as the video studio in the multi-purpose hall, can be found at

Doz. Mag. Bettina Henkel
P +43(1)58816-6150

Mag. Friedemann Derschmidt
P +43(1)58816-6153

Studiobuilding, 2.floor
Léhargasse 8
1060 Vienna

(return and collect)
Gilbert Marx
T +43(1)588 16-6102

Student assistant
Pål Rees

Opening hours for equipment hire: 
Monday and Thursday
Return 09:00 -12:00 h
Collection 13:00 - 16:00 h
Partially restricted hours during non-school hours.

List of devices
Lending manifest