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Painting Workshop

While lectures and courses are held at the Painting Workshop, the rooms are also put at students' disposal, to be used as an "Open Workshop" outside of class. Students are only required to obtain the permission of the heads of the workshop.

The courses offered by the Painting Workshop range from the basics and techniques of painting to a laboratory-like analysis of materials and techniques. On the one hand, we teach students to use traditional painting techniques such as the possible uses of various image carriers, grounding techniques, pigments, binding materials and solvents, how to produce artist's colors, etc., and on the other hand we also encourage them to research modern materials and to experiment with new substances and technologies. All materials required for teaching are provided by the Workshop.

Each semester the Painting Workshop offers blocked workshops on specific materials and techniques. These workshops are partly organized in cooperation with the Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts and, depending on the teaching content, are open to all Academy students regardless of their field of study.

Through such cooperation with the Institute for Natural Sciences and Technology in the Arts, the Painting Workshop is also involved in artistic research with a technological and science-orientated aspect, or rather in scientific research with an artistic aspect. Therefore, it aims to contribute to the artistic-practical implementation of new technological approaches.