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Information Communication Technologies

IT Services is a service offered by the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. Its tasks are to create and protect a powerful net, communication and computer infrastructure for both science and administration. Therefore, we are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of all central IT components as well as for all EDP workplaces of the Academy.

Please send any support requests per email to Alternatively, you can reach our support staff daily from 8:00 to 12:00 via telephone on extension 1717.

When reporting problems, please specify the following: name, department or institute, telephone number or email address for further inquiries, description of the problem, time (duration) and place of problem occurrence, and a specification of the devices affected.

For further information, manuals or video tutorials, please visit us on our service sites.

Scope of activity

  • Internet, Intranet and WLAN
  • File, mail and web services
  • Information systems
  • Administration of EDP workplaces
  • IT procurement
  • Helpdesk
  • Telephony

Head of Department

Members of staff

Employee not (anymore) listed in directory!
Employee not (anymore) listed in directory!
Employee not (anymore) listed in directory!