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Art and Image | Drawing

Sometimes doing something leads to nothing. ( Francis Alÿs )

Art is its own form of knowledge. Drawing can be understood and used as an instrument of thought and action.Through drawing we can write, describe, communicate and recognize, comprehend the world, interpret and create meaning.  Eye, hand, pencil and paper have the potential to represent, combine and experiment with complex ideas and themes. The various senses of drawing and the examination of the present, society, culture and politics intertwine and thus have the potential to reframe and rearrange.

Marked sheets of paper lying on the floor and the feet of a person walking on them
© Veronika Dirnhofer
  • How does drawing think?
  • Who* sees? From where do we see? What responsibility do we have towards seeing?
  • Making marks
  • Constructive Deconstruction
  • Movement
  • Social action
  • Criticizing and learning to criticize
  • Draw language and promise drawing
  • Describing, perceiving, differentiating body and space - follow the resistance
Room with all kinds of material and parts of works
© Veronika Dirnhofer

The studio for Art and Image | Drawing is a space for continuous work and experimentation, critical discourse, and mutual support and encouragement.

Nanna Kaiser
Additional Information
Student assistant