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Curriculum Development

The Quality Development Department supports curriculum development and offers different measures for this process. The project design is developed together with the Curricula Commission, which ensures that the issues discussed are really tailored towards the interests of those involved.

  • Expert Surveys

Feedback and input on the curriulum from external experts - i.e. the view from the outside - is the central focus. Experts from study-relevant professional fields and artistic disciplines provide their curricularspecific knowledge. The aim is to make their practical knowledge accessible for curricular. Focus-group discussions and/or guided interviews with experts are offered.

  • Graduation survey

The feedback and reflection of graduates against the background of their own professional experiences provide helpful valuable first-hand insights and suggestions, e.g.on the course of studies or on central comeptences and skills. Diverse information and plural knowledge from insiders is obtained. Focus-group discussions and/or guided interviews with graduates are offered.

  • International comparative analyses

Based on the curriculum under consideration, international comparative analyses provide an overview of similiar study programs in the international university landscape. The following features are analysed: admission requirements, duration, organisation, location, teaching language, teaching contents, ratio of theory and practice components, qualification profile. The comparison of one's own curriculum with similiar study programs at other universities offers new inspiration for profile development in an international context.

Completed Projects

  • Curricularentwicklung Bühnengestaltung / Szenografie. Feedback und Input aus den Expert_innen-Interviews. Ergebnisbericht (2022) (German only)
  • Absolvent_innen-Diskussion im Rahmen der Curricularentwicklung am Institut für das künstlerische Lehramt. Ergebnisdokumentation (2014) (German only)