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trans. inter*. non-binary

Change of name and personal status

The official change of name and/or personal status undertaken by transgender, intersex, and non-binary persons will necessitate an update of master data or the reissue of graduation documents.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna cares for the well-being of transgender, intersexual, and non-binary persons on its premises and tries everything to carry out all administrative measures as smoothly as possible and will treat all requests confidentially.

Please find further information for changing your master data or having your graduation documents or other certificates or confirmations reissued in our info-sheet.

Establishing non-binary university structures

Like all institutions, the academy is not free from/of social power relations that enable sexism and racism. Certain groups of people are privileged, while others find it difficult to enter and remain. With the brochure " trans.inter*.non-binary", we would like to contribute to shaping teaching and learning spaces at the Academy in a gender-reflective, discrimination-critical and respectful way.

In a guideline, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna proposes a gender-sensitive language that also takes non-binary people into account.

The Vade Mekum on Genderfair(er) Higher Education makes discrimination potentials against non-binary persons visible and wants to contribute to eliminating structural exclusions.

In cases of discrimination, which also includes verbal discouragement or sexual harassment, the Equal Opportunities Team offers students information, confidential counselling and support.

Associations and interest groups