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Art and Image | Graphics

The studio for Art and Image | Graphics  (prev. Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques) deals with the possibilities of graphic work in the context of current art production. Students are encouraged to try out and combine different drawing methods and to use a variety of technical and content-based approaches, and subsequently to question these techniques in the interplay of visual perception and graphic representation. As graphic thinking is regarded as the point of reference, a wide range of complex interrelations develop between perception, representation and interpretation. Students are supported in further developing their competence of perceptive thinking and representational work, and encouraged to focus on their own independent artistic understanding and acting.

Our workshops provide all the technical equipment students require to explore artistic-graphic printmaking techniques which, in combination with drawing, focus on specific procedures for encoding artistic "languages" into storage materials. Students can try their hand at relief, intaglio or flat-screen printing, as well as silkscreen printing and computer-aided procedures, and are then encouraged to use these techniques, all of which are open to contemporary interpretation of artistic printmaking in the context of reproduced images.

Students are also encouraged to further develop their drawing skills and graphic abilities into color-painting work and spatial-sculptural action, especially by utilizing the skills conveyed by the Studio of Graphic Arts and Printmaking Techniques.