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Studying Without a School Leaving Exam (Studienberechtigungprüfung)

Artistic study programs do not require the school leaving exam ("Matura"); however, all students must pass the admission exam demonstrating artistic ability. At the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the school leaving exam (in addition to the demonstration of artistic ability) is required for the study of architecture and the Education in the Arts programs; all other study programs require only demonstration of artistic ability. More information about this can be found under: admission to study

If you have not taken a school leaving exam, but want to study architecture or Education in the Arts, you must take the test of access to university education for the respective study program. Passing of this test will allow you to enrol only in certain study programs.

Further information can be found in the Information Sheet. German language competency is a precondition for this test. That's the reason why Information Sheet and Application are not translated into English.

Information Sheet

Application Form

If you would like to receive a "Vollmatura," which will allow you to enrol in any study program, it is possible to take the vocational matriculation exam. More information about it can be found at the link below: