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The repository is a digital asset management system of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which enables the digital storage and management of digital media objects from art and research. The repository offers access to a number of digital collections of the Academy, to the Academy’s publication series and the graduate catalog, including digital images, text, audio and video files. You can search for these items by placing a full-text search and by filtering the respective search results by means of specific criteria.

Access to these files is governed by attached rights of use (licences). Digital objects and files flagged as open access are accessible to all users, others offer limited access for members of the Academy only. Furthermore, creative commons licences may be added to grant additional permissions of use. Please log in with your Academy-account in order to view content that is limited to authorized users only. Currently, via the repository’s content management system so called Collection Managers (i.e. users, authorized to and in charge of managing specific digital collections) can upload digital objects, provide corresponding metadata and manage rights of use. This functionality shall be available for all Academy users in the near future in order to ensure the best possible use and the further development of the contents of the repository.

The repository has been developed under the lead of zid, the Academy’s ICT department, the repository project and advisory group has supported the multi-year process.

For general questions about the repository and the services offered in this context, please contact us by e-mail:

If you face technical problems, please contact the helpdesk of the Information Communication Technologies department by e-mail: