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Review Akbild

The Review Akbild is used for the quality assurance and quality development of institutes and / or study programs. The measure makes use of the method of peer review, which is a form of evaluation where external, impartial persons with the required subject- and / or organization-specific knowledge give their feedback. The method will help to look upon the huge range of activities carried out by the respective institutes – such as teaching, development of the fine arts, arts-based research, internationalization, advancement of women, equal opportunities, and anti-discrimination – integratively.

Review Akbild is subdivided into four stages: first, the Institute conducts a self-assessment, publishing a subsequent self-report (Stage 1). Experts from the respective field (Peers) talk to teachers/lecturers and students on site visits (Stage 2). These dialogs, together with the self-report compiled by the Institute, serve as the basis for the Review Report (Stage 3). Finally, measures for improvement are developed and implemented (Stage 4).

Completed Projects

  • Follow-up of the Peer Review at the Institute for Conservation and Restauration (2017)
  • Review Akbild at the Institute for Conservation and Restauration (2016/17)
  • Peer Review at the Institute for Art and Architecture (2011/12)
  • Peer Review at the Institute for Fine Arts (Pilot Project) (2008/09)