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All around studying

    In the following, questions and answers about studying, such as insurance, housing, further education, child care or emergency situations are summarized.

    How and where do I find accommodation in Vienna?

    The following websites will provide you with some information on student accommodation:

    How do I get health insurance?

    All regular students who have not insured themselves or with a relative can apply for self-insurance to the Vienna Regional Health Insurance Fund (Wiener Gebietskrankenkasse WGKK). Please find more information by clicking on the following link.

    I want to undergo further training during my doctorate. Which possibilities do I have?

      Doctoral candidates should undergo further training during the doctorate in order to expand and sharpen their own profile of competence. Generally, one can differentiate into skills you need for finishing your thesis (e.g., specific methods, etc.) and skills useful for your further career after the doctorate (e.g., project management skills, presentation techniques, etc.).

      Do talk with your supervisor about this issue. It is recommended to write down the agreed way of proceeding – for example, about the courses or workshops you are to complete – in the dissertation agreement at the beginning of your studies and to continually update those passages during the doctorate.

      The Center for Doctoral Studies regularly offers interesting workshops and events for doctoral candidates. Keep up to date and look it up here.

      Also, the Center for Doctoral Studies at the University of Vienna offers a wide range of workshops for doctoral candidates, which are also open to co-registered students (Mitbeleger_innen). You can find all information on this issue on the website of the University of Vienna. In the case of overbooked courses, though, regular students of the University of Vienna are favored as concerns registration, and only the remaining places are given to co-registered students.
      You can find the current workshop program of the Center of Doctoral Studies of the University of Vienna here.
      Please direct your questions to the Center of Doctoral Studies of the University of Vienna.

        Are doctoral candidates of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna given the opportunity of teaching courses as external lecturers?

          Yes, they are, but no courses are specifically created for doctoral candidates. If an institute considers you qualified to teach a course that is part of the regular curriculum, you will receive such a lectureship. If you are interested, please send your resume / CV to the respective institute and ask there whether any lectureships are open for the coming academic year. Please keep in mind, though, that your chances of actually getting such a lectureship are not very high as most institutes cooperate with their lecturers long-term. Moreover, lectureships are usually only awarded to experienced teachers.

          Ph.D. students with little or no teaching experience acquire theoretical and practical foundations for scientific teaching in the context of a two-semester program (in German!), enabling them to offer research-oriented and student-centered teaching independently. More information in German here.

              I am a doctoral candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. Does it offer child care?

                The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers two child-care facilities. Please click here for further information.

                  I am writing a doctoral thesis and have reached the end of my tether. I need help! Where can I go?

                    The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers psychological counseling for students. We are happy to help you and give you advice! For more information, please click here.