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Art and Image | Context

The teaching should be free.

It is about finding an inner, long-lasting sovereignty for the artistic work.

We support this process

  • through individual consultations
  • through a colloquium, which takes place once a week if possible

The colloquium is important and obligatory for all.

Because one's own work can only develop if one listens to and perceives each other.

!Such an intense experience can be experienced only in the study !

We demand exercising respect for the integrity of ever artistic work

The teaching should provide many contexts.

From the colloquium and the individual consultations, themes will emerge that we will pursue further

  • through joint reading, joint projects (if wished), looking at images, films, visiting concerts, performances...

We attach special importance to an intensive contemplation of not contemporary works of art. What do they mean for our present?

We attach importance to leave the European art context with invitations of colleagues.

We will discuss our methods and compare them with the political present.


We will take "painting" seriously.

We will discuss techniques and material.

We will talk about how something is positioned / presented in space.

And we will polemicize against the routine of exhibition design.

We will question any routine - be it canvas or video formats.


A big concern for us is to think anti-racist, LGTBQ and non-binary, anti-colonial and class discourses as a practice that is international and in solidarity.

We will encourage interventions and solidarity engagement as a way to situate artistic work outside of institutions. 


We will surely bug everyone to please make a plasticine film with us.

BA. Leandro Barros Da Silva
Additional Information
Student assistant