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Non-EU citizens

After passing the admission exam, please contact the competent Austrian representative authority as soon as possible and apply for a residence permit for students at the representative authority.

Please hand in your application for a residence permit as soon as possible after you have received the notification that you have passed the admission exam from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. If you do not hand in your application in July, you may not be able to travel to Vienna in time for the beginning of your first semester in October!

You will require the following documents for the first application:

  • fully completed and signed application form for a residence permit for students (application form and explanation)
  • 1 recent colour photograph, size 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • valid passport, copies of all pages
  • Confirmation of admission (Aufnahmebestätigung) of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to finance your stay :
    • students up to 24 years have to prove that they have at least 672.64 euros per month,
    • students of 24 years or older have to prove that they have at least 1217.96 euros per month (as of 2024) – these amounts have to be proved for 12 months
    • e.g. by means of a savings account or a bank account at a bank (the account has to be accessible from Austria) or a (declaration of guarantee) of a person living in Austria or proof of purchase of traveller’s cheques for the necessary amount or a confirmation of the award of a scholarship/grant.
    • If the costs for accommodation exceed 359.72 euros/month (as of 2024), you have to prove additional funds. You also have to prove sufficient funds for the necessary health insurance.
  • Proof of source of funds
  • Proof of accommodation and monthly rent in Austria : e.g. tenancy contract, assignment for the right of use of accommodation with private person (e.g. family member, flat share, friend), accommodation contract of a student’s hall of residence, confirmation of the reservation of accommodation by the OeAD Housing Office . Document showing the monthly rent and/or running costs of the accommodation. When you collect the residence permit, you must prove that
    the money is available for the entire duration of the stay.
  • Proof of health insurance ("travel health insurance", required coverage over € 30.000) valid from entry to the beginning of your student insurance. The existence of a student insurance with the Austrian national health insurance carrier (Gesundheitskasse), the monthly rate for students is 69,13 euros (2024); or a private insurance covering all risks has to be proven before the residence permit can be granted.
  • Police clearance certificate ("Auszug aus dem Strafregister") (no more than three months old) from your country of origin; or from the country where you have lived for more than 6 months at the time of application.

For the renewal of the permit:

  • proof of academic success: 16 ECTS credits or eight semester hours for the past academic year (1.10. to 30.9.)
  • record of studies and study confirmation
  • current extract from the files of an officially recognized credit reference agency, e.g. KSV 1870, MA35 accepts the extract free of charge: link to online application for extract.

Additional documents may be required.

You have to submit all documents in the original and in photocopy. All documents have to be legalized and documents in languages other than German have to be submitted together with a legalized German translation.

Currently, a fee of 160 euros (2024) is payable for the residence permit, additional fees may occur.

Once your application has been granted, upon your request, you will be issued a visa „D“, which will enable you to travel to Austria. You will have to pick up your residence permit once you have arrived in Vienna.

The following authority issues residence permits, please go there personally as soon as possible after you have registered as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna:

Magistratsabteilung (Municipal Department) 35; Division 1.2 „Erstantragszentrum“
1200 Wien, Dresdner Straße 93; Tel.: 01 4000 ext. 35374

Website (in German only):

Book an appointment online!

Public Transport: Schnellbahn; Tram 2; Bus 5A or 37 A – Station Traisengasse; U 6 – Station Dresdner Straße

Please note: The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is in no position to give legal advice on matters of immigration law. This text is for information purposes only.