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Nonbinary Universities

Measures for Improving Gender Diversity at Universities in Austria

To lend gender diversity visibility and recognize the gender diversity of students and staff in their everyday studies and work is a declared aim of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. By analytically breaking up gender binarism, the Academy intends to facilitate a better representation of the social reality of gender.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna received the Diversitas Prize 2016 for its commitment in this field.

Since then, the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has set itself the goal of establishing a non-binary university. This means developing strategies and structures that create a space for trans, inter* and non-binary people that ensures the best possible development by identifying and subsequently eliminating possible discrimination, for instance.

The measures developed and tested for this purpose concern both administrative procedures and the areas of art I teaching I research and construction.

Realities are constructed by means of language, which therefore plays an important role in the implementation process.

Awareness Raising and Communication

  • A guideline for a gender-reflective language is provided for (internal) communication.

Student and Graduate Administration

(see information leaflet):

A one-stop shop in the Department of Student Affairs supports students or graduates

  • to change their student master data (name and gender designation);
  • to make changes to their civil register that will be reflected in their certificates, reports, diplomas, notices of graduation, etc.
  • Issuing of documents of study (e.g. certificates) in the most gender-neutral way possible.
  • Elimination of Mr. or Ms. (“Herr” or “Frau”) as designations from online profiles on the CAMPUSonline system.
  • Establishment of a mirror system for internal data processing of students with self-chosen names.
  • Introduction of self-designed student ID cards for internal use that rely on the name of the mirror system, i.e., the identity name.

Computer-Based (IT-)Administration (work in progress)

Staff Administration

(see information leaflet):

  • Establishment of a one-stop-shop in the personnel department to change all documents, e-mail addresses, etc. for employees in case of changes in civil status.
  • Provision of an information sheet in the welcome folder for new employees on master data changes in the event of a change in civil status.

Art-based Research and Teaching

  • Preparation of the brochure  trans. inter*. non-binary. Design of gender-reflective, anti-discriminatory and respectful teaching and learning spaces at universities.
  • Compilation of an annotated bibliography as well as a hand catalogue with basic literature in the library.
  • Dissemination of the results of the Non-Binary Universities project of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.


  • Installation of at least one gender-neutral toilet with individual cabins at each Academy location.
  • Ensuring the accessibility of toilets as binary toilets according to self-definition at all locations of the Academy (with the exception of the Paintings Gallery and the Graphic Collection in the Theatermuseum).