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Studying and Living in Vienna

1. What is Mandatory Residence Registration?

All persons who reside in Austria are required to register with the authorities. This means that you have to register at your local district within three days after you have moved into a residence. You will receive a residence registration certificate. More details are available from Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation.

Registration Service Centres are located in almost every district in Vienna. Please find the addresses on the website of the city of Vienna.

2. I have an EU-citizenship, where do I need to register?

You have to register with the authorities to receive the so-called confirmation of registration (Anmeldebescheinigung) within four months of stay. This confirmation is for an indefinite period and need not be renewed. Detailed information is available on our website.

3. How much are the living costs in Vienna?

The living expenses for students in Vienna may vary widely. As a minimum, € 900 - € 1,100 per month can be assumed.

4. Do I have to pay tuition fees?

Since summer semester 2013 all Austrian universities charge tuition fees. There are a range of statutory special arrangements and exemptions, depending on the duration of studies, citizenship and other requirements for a waiver or refund.

Please read carefully on our website, which regulation applies for you. For further questions you may contact the Student Welcome Center.

Note: The student‘s union fee is not part of the tuition fee and has to be paid each semester. If the student’s union fee is not paid or not paid completely until the end of the admission period (31.10. in the winter semester and 31.03. in the summer semester) at the latest, students will get deregistered from their studies.

5. Which scholarships are offered?

The Academy offers different scholarships and financial aids for students. The Academy provides certain scholarships for different target groups, other institutions or programs also offer scholarships which you can apply for. Please refer to our website , which scholarship could be eligible for you.

Current calls and contests are also published on the page of our Art | Research | Service department.

Scholarships for PhD candidates

Academy Scholarships

Scholarships and financial aid for student mobility

Fundings of the student union

External Scholarships and Funding

6. Do I need my own health insurance as a student?

All students in Austria require a health insurance covering “all risks”. For more details please read carefully through the information on our website. You can get a student self-insurance with the Austrian national health insurance carrier ( Österreichische Gesundheitskasse in German only).

Under certain conditions students in Austria may have a free co-insurance with a parent until the age of 27.

Further information for students who are working is also available at the representation for artists ( IG Bildende Kunst ) and the social insurance fund for artists (KSVF in German only).

7. Where can I find a room in Vienna?

There are several online platforms. Further information is available on our page Living in Vienna. Other useful websites are:

8. What is a proof of accommodation?

You need either a rental agreement or a confirmation of reservation for a student dormitory, or a simple accommodation agreement.

9. Am I allowed to work in Austria while studying?

Students from so-called third countries (= non-EU countries) with a valid residence permit “student” in Austria are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week alongside their studies.

Please note that you are not allowed to work in Austria after a visa-free entry or with a visa C or D without the notion “gainful employment”. Further information is available on the website of OeAD.

10. I’d like to work alongside my studies, is this possible?

The study programs offered at the Academy of Fine Arts are full-time programs. However, lots of students are working. Working and studying at the same time demands a certain ability of self-organization. A useful website for job search is for example the website of the student’s union.