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At the Institute for Education in the Arts (IKL), contemporary artistic and creative activity in art, design, fashion and architecture are closely linked to theory-guided reflection, didactics, and mediation.

The studies at the IKL results in receiving professional qualifications for teaching at secondary level in Austria (e.g. AHS, BHS, NMS). The interdisciplinary orientation enables graduates to work in art and cultural education, in artistic, creative and scientific-research contexts as well as in curatorial practice.

The IKL encompasses the two fields of study Art and Education and Design and Context as well as the educational science-pedagogical field of study Pedagogy, Arts and Culture. Art, design, mediation and didactics are developed intersectionally with a view to societal transformation processes through climate crisis, migration, decolonization, queer feminism, and digitality.

The following study programs are offered: 

Bachelor’s and master’s degrees (in cooperation with the PH Vienna):

  • Art and Education
  • Design and Context

Doctoral studies, Dr. phil.

Based on the curriculum, the IKL cooperates with the Institute of Fine Arts (IBK), the Institute of Art Theory and Cultural Studies (IKW) and the Institute of Art and Architecture (IKA).

Internationally, the IKL cooperates with other artistic teacher-training programs, pedagogical education institutions, civil society partners (citizen science) and institutions of emancipatory art education, critical art, architecture, fashion and migration research, as well as contemporary feminist theory formation. In the doctoral seminars, many international students write their dissertations in English.

The IKL’s Karl Schweighofer Gasse campus has classrooms, workshops, and laboratories for artistic, design, craft, and digital techniques in textiles, wood, metal, fashion, ceramics, painting, drawing, video, photography, printmaking, screen printing, performance, installation, sound, art-based arts education, and animation.

Key research areas include art didactics and digitality; materiality and sustainability; art and cultural pedagogy; architecture and urban studies; fashion and textile studies; care; curatorial practices/museum studies; circular design/repair; practice-based knowledge and transformation processes in art, design, education, and didactics.

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