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Admission Doctoral Studies

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers three scientific doctoral study programs and the artistic-scientific PhD in Practice. Please register in person at the registrar's office. For the PhD in Practice the successful passing of the admission test is required. The respective dates for admission (the so-called registration for continuing students) you will find under Calendar. Please consult the registrar's office with any questions regarding enrolment.

For enrolment as a doctoral student the following documents are required:

  • Valid passport or proof of citizenship with official photo identification
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Documentation of transfer / 'Abgangsbescheinigung' with the transfer from an Austrian university (required only if you have begun an identical study program at another Austrian university that you would like to continue at the Academy)
  • Proof of social security number (if applicable)
  • Proof of possession of special university entrance qualification for applicants from so-called Third States (original and official translation). The original and the official translation need to show the necessary legalizations.

    The certificate of special qualification for university studies (statement of admission) demonstrates that you have the right to study the doctoral program that you intend to study at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna at a recognized/accredited university in the country that issued your MA degree or equivalent.

Requirements and language competencies for Doctoral Studies

  • Doctor of Philosophy/PhD: Master's or similar degree ( Diplomstudium ) in the fields of the humanities, cultural studies, fine arts, or Secondary School TeacherAccreditation in a relevant school subject
  • Doctor of Technical Sciences: Master's or similar degree ( Diplomstudium ) in a related subject, primarily in Architecture; confirmation of academic supervision
  • Doctor of Science: Master's or similar degree ( Diplomstudium ) in the fields of the natural sciences or in a related artistic subject, or Secondary School Teacher Accreditation in a relevant school subject
  • PhD in Practice: Master's or similar degree ( Diplomstudium ) in a related subject or equivalent, successfully passing the admission test and proof of English language competency  (at least B2 of the Common European Reference Scale for Languages) during the admission exam

For questions regarding certified documents, translations, apostilles, etc., please see Apostille, legalization and translation of documents.

Please also see the Center for Doctoral Studies