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Knowledge Transfer

WTZ Grafik

The Center of Knowledge Transfer at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is responsible for the coordination and implementation of various projects in the fields of art, arts-based research, the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies in Vienna. As lead partner of an inter-university cooperation network including all viennese universities the knowledge transfer between universities, external organizations, institutions and economic fields are at the centre. Launched by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy the Knowledge Transfer Centers in Austria are organised in three regional centers (East, West, South) and a thematic center (Life Sciences).

The tasks for the Academy of Fine Arts as well as in cooperation with the university partners are to identify new potentials and to create opportunities and offers for students, teachers and alumni, which deal with methods and practices of valorisation and the transfer of knowledge. The focus is especially given to fields of art, arts-based research, the humanities, social sciences and cultural studies, which are characterised by a strong background in cultural and social sciences, to enable discursive methods and trans-disciplinary practices within knowledge transfer. Therefore, the aim is to focus on practices and potentials to develop formats and activities in an interdisciplinary cooperation network. To create support units for specific trainings, networking opportunities and needs-based professionalisation measures.

By coordinating the module "Gender Awareness / -empowerment" for all Partner Universities in the Knowledge Transfer Center East the Academy of Fine Arts stands for equal treatment, anti-discriminatory measures and the advancement of women.