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Beginning of the Studies

1. What should I pay attention to regarding admission to study?

After pre-registration in AkademieOnline you may register in person in the Academy’s Registrar’s Office during the general admission period . Information on which documents are required for first registration as a regular student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is available in the section admission to study on our website.

2. How can I do the online pre-registration after successfully passing the admission examination?

The online pre-registration in AkademieOnline is possible on every computer. During the opening hours, you may also do the pre-registration in the Student Welcome Center. A step-by-step guide is available in the section admission to study on our website.

3. Where can I get my student ID

After the first admission to study in the Registrar’s Office you also get your student card (student ID) there during the opening hours .

4. Where can I find the course catalogue and how do I register for lectures?

The course catalogue is available for public in our information system AkademieOnline. Course registration can be done online, in certain cases with the course lecturer or secretary of your institute. The intended registration mode is described in AkademieOnline at the section “Registration”. Registration is open in the winter semester from mid of September until the end of October, for the summer semester from mid of February until the end of March. After October/March course registration is only possible with the course lecturer.

5. How do I receive current information which is relevant for me as a student?

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna informs students regularly about calls, scholarships, competitions, newsletters and other official news through your official Academy student e-mail account.

6. How to activate my personal student mail account.

For your first registration in AkademieOnline you need a PIN code which you receive at the Registrar’s Office. As a student of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna you have access to your official student mail account after successful registration in AkademieOnline. The service is accessible via Webmail. Only if you activate your AkademieOnline account, your mail account is also available.

If you have questions regarding your mail account, please contact the IT support via or 01/588161717.

Please note: As a student, it is obligatory to check your official student mail account regularly. You can also redirect your Academy mail to your private email account.

7. Is there a WIFI available at the Academy?

Within the Academy the Eduroam service is available for all Students. You can use the Wifi infrastructure of many other universities/institutions to get free internet access. You get access to the infrastructure with your data from you Academy account. Detailed information is available on the IT service pages on our website.

8. Where can I check the courses and credits (ECTS) I passed?

You can check all courses you passed in your AkademieOnline account. An official transcript of records where all passed courses are listed is available on request at the Registrar’s Office.

9. How many credits do I have to take?

The required number of credits is stated in the curriculum of every study program. It depends on the specific regulations for the study program.

The number of credits in the single courses is indicated in the course catalogue in AkademieOnline.

10. I’d like to spend a semester abroad.

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is connected to over 100 partner universities in the world. You have the opportunity to spend your exchange at one of our partner universities, or do an internship. The International Office provides further information for all questions regarding exchange programs.

11. What can I do, if my gender identity changes?

The Academy of Fine Arts cares for the well-being of transgender, intersexual, and non-binary persons and tries everything to carry out all administrative measures. Detailed information is available in the section trans. inter*. non-binary on the website.

The Academy is eager to proceed with the necessary steps as smoothly as possible and will treat all changes confidentially, please contact the confidential person in the Registrar’s Office. More information on the topic is available on the info sheet on our website.