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Range of studies

1. Which study programs are offered at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna?

Study programs at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna:

Bachelor/Master in Architecture

Diploma program in Fine Arts

Diploma program in Scenography

Diploma program in Conservation and Restoration

Bachelor/Master in Education in the Arts

  • Art and Education
  • Design in Context

Master in Critical Studies

Doctor of Philosophy/PhD

Doctor of Technical Sciences 

Doctor of Science

PhD in Practice

2. Does the Academy offer a Bachelor or Master in Fine Arts?

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna offers a 4-year Diploma program in Fine Arts. The program is divided in two parts of each 2 years. After the successful completion of the second diploma examination, the degree Magister artium ( will be awarded. This degree provides entrance qualification for postgraduate studies (doctorate or other postgraduate studies).

3. Is it possible to arrange a personal consultation at the Academy?

Please read first the study information on our website before arranging a personal consultation. Typical questions and answers on different matters are listed on the following pages.

For further and detailed questions regarding study programs and admission examinations please contact the Student Welcome Center:

4. I am interested in Doctoral Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Please read carefully the detailed information in the FAQ section of the Center for Doctoral Studies.

5. I’d like to get more information on the study programs. Is there an open doors event at the Academy?

The Academy of Fine Arts organizes an open doors event in January, the so-called “Akademie-Rundgang”. During the 4-days program we organize a lot of events. You can visit ateliers, studios and collections of the Academy and meet and talk to students and teachers.

The program is published on our website.

6. How are the study programs structured?

Fine Arts, Scenography and Conservation and Restoration are Diploma programs and structured in two study sections. You finish with the degree Magister artium ( Architecture and Education in the Arts are offered as Bachelor and Master programs. Master in Critical Studies is offered as a Master program. The Magister degree qualifies – as well as the Master degree – for further Doctoral and postgraduate studies.

7. What is the content of the study program?

The curriculum (= study program) describes content and structure of a study program. You can find all mandatory courses, modules and study fields in the curriculum to finish the respective study program. All courses, modules and study fields are assigned with a certain amount of contact hours per week (= Semesterwochenstunden) and ECTS-points. Contact hours describe the contact time per week at a lecture; ECTS describe the amount of work which is necessary to pass the lecture positively. One contact hours equals 45 minutes, one ECTS equals 25 hours of work.

The latest curricula as well as older versions are available on our website at the respective study program . Your valid curriculum is also available in your account at AkademieOnline. For first-year students always the latest version of the curriculum is valid.

If a new curriculum is introduced it is important to know which curriculum is valid for you and which transitional periods and transfer rules (how long is the curriculum valid and from which date on you have to transfer to the new curriculum) have been declared.

8. Is it possible to apply for recognition of exams I already passed at other universities?

Yes, after passing the admission exam and enrolment at the Academy, a recognition of exams you already passed at other universities is possible under certain conditions.

All important information on the recognition process is available at the Curricula commission of your study program .

Detailed information on points of contact and counselling for the recognition in the Fine Arts program is available in the info sheets on our website.

9. Is it possible to study at the Academy as a visiting or non-degree student

Admission as a non-degree student is possible. Please note that as non-degree student it is not possible to participate in all courses, especially the participation in artistic subjects is not allowed. Information on admission and enrolment as non-degree student is available on our website.

Visiting students are not admitted at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.