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Anatomy and Anatomical Drawing

Anatomy and Anatomical Drawing deals with the functional connections within the human body. The focus lies on the musculoskeletal system (skeleton, muscles …). Students learn about the theory in lectures and personal conversations, and are taught how to draw parts of the human anatomy, with a special emphasis on the relationship between anatomical aspects and the fine arts.

We usually go to the Institute of Anatomy at the MedUni Wien (Medical University of Vienna), where we have a large variety of anatomical specimens at our disposal (bones, joint specimens, moist preparations, etc.). We also make use of the opportunity to draw in the dissecting room. We regularly visit the collections of the Medical University of Vienna ( Josephinum ) with the great anatomical wax models (18 th century), the Pathologic-Anatomical Museum ( Narrenturm ) and the anthropological collection of the Natural History Museum Vienna, and occasionally exhibitions on current theme.