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Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Arch. Michelle Howard

Art and Architecture
+ 43 (1) 58816 - 5200
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    Privatissimum für Dissertant_innen

    Privatissimum, Sommersemester 2024

    Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Arch. Michelle Howard (Lecturer )
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    Betreuung Masterarbeit

    Projekt, Sommersemester 2024

    Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Arch. Michelle Howard (Lecturer )

Michelle Howard is a social ecological architect, professor, author, researcher, and activist. She is a professor of art and architecture and head of the Platform for Construction, Materials and Technology - her way of teaching and learning resolutely embraces the heuristic path of empirical experimentation. Her work seeks to reactivate and make visible mutual conditions and dependencies of human and non-human life. Specific fields of research include; The shaping of materials and constructions and their influence on the shaping of our environment. Ignored Technology asks what direction would technology have taken if skills that are normally attributed to women and other anomalies were given the attention they deserve. Uselessness, could it be humankinds most valuable tool? Building Biodiversity investigates how to let more non-human life into the hearts and lungs and cells of buildings. Michelle has initiated and contributes to numerous neighbourhood and international initiatives, concerned with the cooperative improvement of the quality of human and non-human-life, newly arrived, settled and migratory. Her Stacked House, in Berlin, Weissensee, won the KFW award for sustainable building in 2014 and she is currently developing FERALcatalyst, a 25km long band of biodiversity along the Rhine Ruhr Express. with the artist Ingo Vetter.


Institute for Art and Architecture, Christina Condak, Michelle Howard, Christina Jauernik, Linda Lackner, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Angelika Schnell, Eva Sommeregger (Eds.): Wiener Hitze: Architecture and Storytelling in Times of Heat, Vienna 2023

Michelle Howard, Luciano Parodi (Eds.): Uselessness: Humankind’s most valuable tool?, 2020,

Michael Howard (Ed.): Research - Observe – Make. An Alternative Manual for Architectural Education, 2015,


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