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First considerations

The International Office of the Academy greatly appreciates your interest in studying in Vienna! You may expect an internationally oriented study programme at one of the leading art universities in Central Europe. The city of Vienna has a lively art scene and an interesting cultural offer against the backdrop of its historical heritage. Vienna is also the seat of many international organisations and offers a wide range of inspirations for young artists. We would like to support you in your plans to complete an exchange programme at the Academy.

First considerations

We would recommend that you obtain all the necessary information on studying at the Academy and consult the International Office of your own university. Exchange students are exempt from tuition fees.

Language preparation

At the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the language of instruction is German, although some classes are held in both German and English. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you acquire at least the rudiments of the German language before coming to Austria as otherwise you may have a rough start. Exchange students in the Erasmus Programme should inform themselves via the OLS Online Linguistic Support at their home university. Students wishing to apply for the study programme Scenography or for Fine Arts, Department Art and Film, are required to have a sound knowledge of German (B1).

Entry and residence

Information on entry into and residence in Austria can be found on the website of the OeAD, Austria's Agency for Education and Internationalisation at

For all EU citizens and for citizens of EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway) and Switzerland who wish to travel to Austria, a valid passport or personal ID card is sufficient.

Citizens from third countries (non-EU) need a visa for travelling to Austria, the kind of which will depend on how long and for what purpose they will be staying.

Health, accident and liability insurance

Exchange students have to take care of sufficient health and accident insurance on their own.

With their EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), called E-Card in Austria, all EU/EEA citizens have the same insurance claims as people who are insured in Austria. This card entitles you to free medical care for all treatments that are medically necessary during your stay, and by any panel doctor in Austria. Check-ups and preventive examinations are excluded from this offer, however.

Students who do not have compulsory health insurance and who are resident in Austria, as well as international students, can take out self-insurance with the OeAD/Austrian Health Insurance Fund irrespective of their citizenship. Students from non-EU/EEA countries who are already in Vienna in September or February (e.g. for a German course) can only apply for self-insurance from 1 October or 1 March.

In Austria, all students are required to become members of the Austrian National Union of Students (Hochschüler_innenschaft) (, once they have been admitted to a degree programme with a membership fee of about € 20 per semester. This fee includes liability and accident insurance valid on the Academy’s premises

Residence and living costs

The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna does not have its own student dormitories. Students are therefore responsible for organising their own accommodation for the duration of their stay in Vienna.

You will find a few tips here

Living costs in Vienna amount to a minimum of EUR 950 per month and will depend on your personal preferences.