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Outgoing Erasmus Staff Mobility for Training – STT

Academy teachers have the opportunity to take part in an advanced training stay of several days at universities and institutions, institutes and companies in a European Erasmus+ Programme country. For example, pedagogical skills can be trained; competences in curriculum design or specific knowledge that is important for the teacher’s current job and professional development can be acquired. In any case, international networking and exchange of experience with colleagues abroad is encouraged.

Such a stay can be referred to in a variety of ways: short collaboration phase, Job Shadowing, study visit, workshop, etc.

Participation in conferences is excluded.

The International Office will be glad to support you before, during and after the mobility programme and will provide you with all the forms and papers required. Please contact: Stephanie Baumgarten (

Required at least 6 weeks BEFORE the mobility:

  • informal invitation by a partner institution to teach there
  • Form: Mobility Agreement, signed by both institutions and the teaching staff member. The Mobility Agreement must mainly comprise: teaching content, objectives and added value of the mobility, expected results
  • Grant Agreement between the Academy and the teacher in the original
  • Dienstreiseantrag (trip application) Erasmus
  • Letter of Confirmation for Training Assignment STT, have this confirmed/signed by the host institution after the training sessions

AFTER the mobility, the following final formalities must be completed:

  • Letter of Confirmation for Training Assignment sent to the International Office in the original
  • Dienstreiseabrechnung (travel expenses report) including all the invoices and receipts in the original

An Erasmus+ stay for training purposes can be combined with an Erasmus+ stay for teaching purposes. In this case, the teaching is reduced to a minimum of four hours per week.